Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Work on MediaBox

MediaBox Media Center

Let me introduce MediaBox, a finger-friendly media center
for Nokia internet tablets, to be released in a few days.

This basically started some months ago as an experimental frontend to
with physically correct kinetic scrolling for browsing the collection of
video files. But soon it was clear to me that this user interface could do a
lot more, so I added music playback and integrated the image viewer from my
Obscura project.

MediaBox can play video, audio, display images, features a desk clock with
large letters, and is open for new extensions. It will soon be able to use the
FM radio in the N800 with the pyFMRadio project.

Since the media player backend of MediaBox is mplayer, it will be able to play
almost anything you throw at it, including Ogg Vorbis.


The Nokia N800 has a built-in FM tuner and I wanted to be able to use this with
MediaBox. So far, the only FM radio application for the N800 seems to be the
closed-source fmradio applet by Nokia. It's good but it's not finger-friendly.

So I started diving into the kernel code and eventually came up with
a way to control the FM tuner chip with pure Python. This might
be useful to other projects as well, so I set up the offspring project


Noplay said...

That could be nice if we can configure subtitle size from your interface. It's a missing feature of the default mplayer interface.

Setanta said...

Sorry for the offtopic, but I couldn't help asking: what the name of the movie in the first screenshot?

Martin Grimme said...

@noplay: That's a nice idea. Thanks for your suggestion.

@setanta: It's "Final Fantasy Advent Children".

Joe said...

One feature that would be great that none of the other audio players have available yet is viewing tagged album art.

All of my music is tagged with art, which works in every other player I have (including Pocket Tunes on my Treo), but not any of the tablet players.

Wonkyu said...

Thanks for great Mediabox and got a question. Do you mean that fm radio feature is not implemented yet for MediaBox? I tried simply copying your (pyfmradio) in the subdirectory of Mediabox install and didn't work...

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