Sunday, November 1, 2009

MediaBox finally supports UPnP MediaRenderer Output

The Fremantle version of MediaBox Media Center is coming along nicely. The latest development version (2009.11.1) is now in extras-devel, so if you're brave enough to test out hot fresh unstable stuff directly from extras-devel, you're invited to give it a try (installing just MediaBox from extras-devel should be pretty safe).

The big news with the latest development version is UPnP MediaRenderer support. If you have a compatible (GUPnP-Media-Renderer has been tested to be compatible so far) UPnP MediaRenderer in your network, you can have MediaBox play on that renderer instead of your phone.

If the MediaRenderer supports it, you can even play local files from your phone on it, not only stuff hosted on another UPnP/DLNA server.

Eventually, this cool stuff will be available for N8x0 users, too, of course.


zeenix said...

Cool! BTW, gupnp-media-render has been merged into Rygel as a plugin (and some deps dropped) so you might want to start using that instead. :)

Martin Grimme said...

Wow, I didn't know that Rygel had the MediaServer built-in. This is great. :)

Martin Grimme said...

Hmm, there doesn't seem to be a way to edit your own comments on
Of course I wanted to say "I didn't know that Rygel had the MediaRenderer built-in." :)

Berno said...

Hi Martin,
the new UPnP functionality sounds great! Many thanks for your work. Currently I use Mediastreamer as UPnP controlpoint on my N800:
My Use case: Sending music from a TwonkyServer to a Noxon IRadio(Acts as UPnP MediaRenderer)

So, now I have 2 questions ;-)
- Is my use case also working with the new developer version of MediaBox?

- When it will be available on N8x0 (diablo) devices? I found nothing newer extras-devel for diablo :(

Many thanks!

Martin Grimme said...

Sending music from Twonky server to the Noxon IRadio might work. The communication setup between server and renderer is not yet implemented in MediaBox, so if the renderer requires this, it wouldn't work yet.

The Diablo version requires a bit more than the Fremantle version, so it will be released after that. But I expect both to be released this year.

Lucio Macellari said...

Hi Martin,
this is really great!
I think that the UPNP control point is one of the main applications of this kind of devices (Nxxx).
I use the N810 MediaStreamer application which have some important limitations.
Be careful to the application behavior during the device standby mode.

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