Sunday, January 3, 2010

MediaBox Media Center for N900

If you have been waiting for MediaBox Media Center on the N900, then I have good news for you.

MediaBox version 2010.01.03 is now going to extras-testing for some QA. In the meantime for you to watch, I have recorded some videos with the N900's awesome TV-out feature.

Browsing UPnP shares with MediaBox is as easy as browsing the filesystem. In this video MediaBox is used for watching a movie over WiFi on the N900.

A new feature of MediaBox is the shelf. It's the starting folder where you can always return with the press of a button. You can put shortcuts to almost anything on the shelf for quick access (songs, albums, artists, videos, photos, folders, internet radio stations, playlists, you name it).

MediaBox has a finger-friendly way of reordering playlists. Simply drag the items with your finger.

Oh yes, this video shows MediaBox in portrait mode.

The upcoming MediaBox for Diablo for N8x0 will be quite similar to this version.


mrp said...

can not wait to try it!

Lucio Macellari said...

Where can I leave you some feedbacks? I'm trying this version with UPNP media servers/renders.

domox said...

leave us the media types that we can play

Tom Chiverton said...

'now' must mean something else, because there's no mediabox listed at

Martin Grimme said...

@Tom Chiverton: "now" means "now modulo the utter slowness of the maemo package interface" ;)
It's there now (with broken icon for some reason):

@domox: the media types are the same that Nokia states the device can play, plus those for which you installed codecs.

@Lucio: would be a good place for discussing and leaving feedback. I'm looking forward to some feedback regarding UPnP devices. I only have software devices for testing.

MrBlueSky said...

Looks GREAT ! Keep it up Martin. Really enjoying your FMplayer too !


no audio plays back in my mediabox ... sad day!

Tom Chiverton said...

Works fine here.
Not had a chance to retest with 51-1 O/S update, but don't imagine it to have any probs.

Alexey Zakhlestin said...

Any chance for DAAP support? :)

ihok said...

I see you fixed the volume bug in SVN! Please push a new release soon.

National said...

Hi all, I found a bug. After youtube search each folder has multiple videos. Even i can see multiple folders with same name. please help me out. how to resolve this.

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